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Evolve and read with me between the lines along your mysteries of self-elevation. Find the messages in the moments within your riches roots of mother`s earth calling.


Navigate with your heart and follow your intuition when picking the service best suited for you or a loved one.

In Person Readings

Face-to-face tarot readings. Choosing this service means that readings are done in sessions at the Soel Beads shop.

Mobile Service

If for any reason you feel too busy to make it to the shop location, please choose this option and message me to arrange for a mobile tarot reading, where ill directly make my way to you.

Video/email Service

Daily readings are done in 30 minutes with Universal guidance. Get direct instant messages suitable for any given time sent to your email or text or phone and video calls.

About Erica

Tarot | Mystic | Reader

I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as coincidences. Having always felt the presence in connection to all the creations of the universe, my awareness and strength grew strong enough to shake and awaken my consciousness/subconscious relationship with the universe. Despite walking blindfolded in the endless sea of our everyday lives, I felt the need to recall my energy with little to no understanding of how I was going to do so. Still, the passion led me to the most exceptional journeys to awaken my true self. By following my intuition, I continue to learn to trust myself with the help of my guides and the universe. I am here to help and in turn, I get the greatest satisfaction which is for you to feel what I once felt disconnected from, the greatest power of all, the power of your unique Self.


If you have any questions or want to clarify anything, please do not hesitate to drop a message and ill get back to you within 24hrs.
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